Ludicrously Expensive Celebrity Homes

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson: Neverland Ranch has got to be one of the most famous properties out there. Michael Jackson doesn’t own it any more, of course, not since the foreclosure. But this longtime haven of his is sure to fetch a pretty penny when it goes to auction in mid-May. Supposedly there’s $46 million in escrow right now as one of the bids. There’s no telling which celebrity with buku bucks might want to pay for this infamous property.

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes

Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: This couple loves collecting expensive homes so that they can have a few nice places to choose from when trying to escape the press. They own a 6-bedroom home in London that cost nearly $5 million and includes a greenhouse and a sports pavilion. They also have a nice home in Telluride, Colorado. But the real attention-getter is the $35 million home in Beverly Hills. Of course, now that we have seen what Cruise is really like we care less about Cruise’s wealth and look forward to his next video interview.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger: The bodybuilding actor who governs California is currently living in a ‘temporary’ home in Brentwood that cost him over $11 million. It’s 13,000 square feet in size and includes a screening room, a gourmet kitchen and a gym. Of course, the governor also has to spend a lot of time in the state capital for work; he doesn’t own a home there but reportedly pays $65,000 per year for a hotel suite.

Donald Trump

Donald Trump: Is it any wonder that a man famous primarily for being rich is the owner of a mansion that is one of the most expensive in the world? It’s located in Palm Beach, Florida and is on the market for $125 million. This 62,000 square foot behemoth has a library, home theater, wine cellar, fitness studio, 7 bedrooms, 15 bathrooms and a 100 foot long swimming pool. In other words: not subprime.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates: The Washington state property of tech genius Bill Gates was worth over $135 million at the last estimate back in 2005. Property taxes alone cost him over $1 million annually. The multi-million dollar home includes an underwater music system and a personal shower room for the pool. It’s been the site of numerous gatherings for influential people in the tech industry and the U.S. government.


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