In the beginning

“In the beginning, God created the heaven and earth.” (Genesis 1:1) I marvel at this simple statement of God. His words carry the disguise of child like observations of something new. A closer examination reveals a veil covering a rich untapped wealth of revelation. Something is beginning in these opening words. A single note is struck to the greatest biography ever written. God’s opening line could be stated “In the beginning, I (God) created the heaven and the earth.” He wants no doubt about the identity of himself and what he started in this new beginning. I find children proclaim their identity in their own creations. They create artwork, buildings from blocks, Lego statues, and peanut butter sandwiches. These creations express a window into their world of thought and reason. Adults cherish these works with praise and sometimes wonderment of realism. Sometimes adults stand amazed when the work surpasses their expectations. They ask, “Did you make this”, as to confirm that they are not false creators. Adult’s minds are challenged to except the belief in their “great” work. However, it is God who smiles at us as we read his child like statement of creation. He gently challenges our belief in his authenticity with a bold question, “Do you believe: I made this heaven and earth”. Our belief is questioned to except his statement and the reality of his story. It is with “In the beginning, God created the heaven and earth.” (Genesis 1:1) that God’s biography also begins in conjunction with his authorship of creator. His innate penned signature written with controlled power, defined structure, vast intellectual property and creative scope. The canvass of expression found in the worlds of heaven (spiritual) and earth (physical). Worlds separated by time, space and unknown dimensions, yet linked back to his person and the elements of a biographical manifest. His biography will link our understanding of him through each world. His plan interweaves in every design of natural and heavenly splendor and his personal purpose made to amaze those beings living in each cosmos. It is now the child asking the adult “Did you make this?” I believe he did and his continued story is simply great. Please join the Observer in following God’s biography through the story he gave us.