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The 'Google Phone'

T-Mobile's G1 is a little late to arrive (Apple's iPhone 3G has already been on the market for two months), but it's still pretty cool. A tad heavier and narrower than the iPhone, the G1 features a petite keyboard, a handy trackball, and a higher-resolution, three-megapixel camera (versus the two-megapixel camera on the iPhone). Along with its Google-designed browser, the G1 features a more powerful version of Google Maps with a built-in compass and 360-degree photos. And Gmail users get instantly notified when new messages arrive in their inbox, instead of having to check manually. The G1 goes on sale October 22 for $179 ($20 less than the iPhone) and will be available in white, brown or black.
T-Mobile's G1 will go on sale Oct. 22 for $179. It is the first mobile phone to run the Google operating system, Android.

Mythbusters Draws Mona Lisa Using Paint Balls

MythBusters first showed how a CPU drew a smiley face one paint ball at a time and then proceed to show how a GPU used parallel processing to draw an actual Mona Lisa drawing in 80 milli seconds. Add a slow motion version at the end and you get a sensational technology demonstration.

MonaLisa Illusion

Can you figure out which one is the real Mona Lisa painting upside down?

Things look fine when recognising Mona Lisa upside down. After turning it the right way up, our brains perceive that Mona Lisa looks terrible. Why was it so difficult to recognise the altered Mona Lisa when the paintings were upside down? Your mind is not familar with the way an upside down face should look like and therefore didn’t noticed the oddness of the painting.