Store up to 1.6 TB of data

Fujifilm has created a gadget that can store up to 160 GB of data if compressed on their 4th Generation of Linear Tape-Open Ultrium cartridges. Very many companies have big problems with keeping their data archives and Fujifilm will help them.

You can hold up to 800 GB of uncompressed data and 1.6 TB of compressed data on these cartridges. This is much bigger amounts then any hard drive. Creating these cartridges has become possible thanks to exclusive Fujifilm NANOCUBIC technology. It increased the capacity of the cartridges and made them still reliable enough.

The data transfer speed is 120 Mbps for 800 GB mode and 240 Mbps for the 1.6 TB mode which is pretty fast for a cartridge.

The good news is that the data you store on the cartridge will be automatically encrypted. Fujifilm used Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) that uses 256-bit encryption and it will keep your data secure.