Facts about Movies

>The best year for US feature film production: 1921 (854 films)

>The worst year for US feature film production: 1963 (slechts 121 films)

>The first feature film ever made: THE STORY OF THE KELLY GANG (1906)

>The first film to show the s*x act: EXTASE (1932)


>The first helicopter shot: THE TWISTER ROAD (1948)

>The first song especially composed for a film: MOTHER I STILL HAVE YOU FOR THE JAZZ SINGER (1927)

>The first director to direct himself: HAROLD HEATH IN "1000 REWARD (1913)"

>The first purpose-built cinema: Cinema Omnia Pathé on Montmartre, Paris, 1906 (showed Le Pendu)

>The first air-conditioned cinema: Central Park Theater, Chicago, 1917

>The first drive-in cinema: Camden Automobile Theater in New Jersey in 1933. Showed WIFE BEWARE (1922)

>The first film in which the entire cast were nominated for an Oscar: Who's afraid of Virgina Woolf (1966)

>The first (and only one) sequel to win the Oscar for Best Picture: GODFATHER II

>The greatest number of fatalities on a film set: 40 ( ON THE SWORD OF TIPU SULTAN (1989))

>The greatest number of retakes: 342 SHOT BY CHARLIE CHAPLIN FOR "CITY LIGHTS (1931)"

>The greatest assemblage of animals for one movie: 8 552 IN "AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 DAYS" (1956)

>The greatest number of cameras for one sequence: 48 FOR THE SEA BATTLE IN "BEN-HUR (1925)"

>The greatest number of retakes for a dialogue scene: 127 SHOT BY STANLEY KUBRICK FOR "THE SHINING (1980) "

>The largest audience: 110 000 people saw DW Griffith's Boots (1919) at Oval Ampitheatre, Ohio, on July 4, 1919

>The longest film ever made: THE CURE FOR INSOMNIA (1987) (duur: 85 uur)

>The longest ever interval between original and sequel: 46 YEARS BETWEEN THE WIZARD OF OZ and RETURN TO OZ

>The most prolific director: WILLIAM BEAUDINE, WHO MADE 182 PICTURES BETWEEN 1922 AND 1965

>The most married Hollywood star: AL "LASH" LARUE, WHO WAS MARRIED ON TEN OCCASIONS

>The most kisses dispatched in one film: 127 BY JOHN BARRYMORE IN DON JUAN (1926)

>The performer who played the most roles: TOM LONDON, WHO MADE 2000 SCREEN APPEARANCES BETWEEN 1883 AND 1963

>The actor who has played the same role the most often: HONG KONG STAR KWAN TAKHING WHO PlAYED HUANG FEI-HONG IN 77 OUT OF 104 FILMS


SizzlingPopcorn.com said...

Those are some interesting facts. I didn't think there would be that many films made in the 1920's.

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