Create Images Reflections with ReflectionMaker

Do you want to know hot to make your logo more eye catching? So that you can use them on your own website or blog. ReflectionMaker is a simple online tool that lets you easily generate reflections for you favorite images. is a tool that helps you make reflections to any image you like. Its very simple to use, just enter the site and paste the URL of Your image or browse for an image file. Then you can choose how much of your image you would like to be reflected, 20%, 50% or the whole image, you can choose. You can then choose the color of the reflection, any color you want. You then hit generate, and you are done, just as easy as that, you can have a cool logo, or a striking image. Try it.


* Generate image reflections and Download them to your PC.
* Upload images from for your local drive or get them directly from web URL.
* Maximum image size: 200 KB.
* Reflection settings: Change reflection size and background color.